Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Few Day's Happenings

Bad blogger, me.

Catching up on what we've done this week... =)

On Monday we got back to my parent's house from Michigan. Tuesday we went to visit my friend, Sarah, and her three kids. We hadn't seen them since Keenan was a baby! We had a great visit, and Keenan especially had fun, since her boys, Aiden and Liam are Very close in age to him!

Sarah and Ally

Aiden, Liam and Keenan =)

Tuesday night, I got together with a great high school friend, Stephanie, who I hadn't seen since I got married! We had a Great time catching up. It's always awesome to have friends who you can pick right back up with, even when a lot of time has passed. =)

Steph and I

On Thursday there was a Terrible storm, rain, super strong winds, and the power was out! Here are a couple pictures from the area that show you just how strong the wind was!

This tree ripped right out of the ground!

The reason our power was out

That afternoon I got a call from my brother, Rob, asking if I could come pick up some puppy formula and come over and help him with their dog, Nicki's brand new litter of pups! How fun! I had eagerly been looking forward to her having her pups, and was hoping they would come before we left! It was really special for Keenan and Moriah to get to see brand new puppies for the first time.. =)

Nicki and five of her six pups

How sweet!

Keenan helping Uncle Rob bottle feed one of them =)

Moriah gets a turn


Brayden arrives and checks them out =)

That day we packed up and came her to London to my brother Mark, and his wife, Rebekah's house for our last five days in Canada. We had a Great time at my parent's house, and were treated soo well! My poor mom is probably glad to have a break!

Mark and Rebekah have been so generous and gave us each our own room and moved into the basement!

On Friday, my parents, Mark and the three of us drove the two hours to Orangeville to visit my grandpa. I hadn't seen him for quite a while, so it was great to spend some time with him (though our visit was short), and for the kids to be reminded of who he was.

Us with Grandpa

Keenan manning the controls to Grandpa's chair =)

Way back!

Happy faces

Moriah giving it a try =)

Moriah building a tower at the restaurant (Philip would be proud)

There's more from yesterday and today, but I will save that for another post, since the kids are getting ansy.


Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE the pictures of your kids with Grandpa Woodford! What sweet memories. I hope you've been able to see everyone you wanted to see while you were here...

Love Rebekah

PS- I'm still loving being an aunt :) It's nice having you here!

Stephanie said...

Hey Hey!! Awww....that's so sweet what you wrote! WoW!!! I feel so privileged to be on your blog! :)
I had a great time hanging out with you! I totally agree its awesome to be able to pick up where we left off! You are an Amazing Person Joia! I'm so greatful to have you as a friend! Thanks!! *Hugs* ttys!

Anonymous said...

um ... there's a vast shortage of pictures with moi ....

*clears throat*