Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a super fun day with family! The first part of the day was pretty laid back, hanging around the house, then Taylor took the kids to the park (without me), and then the three of us took naps before everyone arrived at 3. Awesome appetizers, amazing food (can we say, "Cheesy Potatoes!"), and lots of laughter followed. Good times!

Love these cute bunny mask kits we got at the Easter event on Saturday!

Miss Drama

Keenan working on his masterpiece for Daddy

The kids were Thrilled with their Easter baskets from Uncle Tim and Aunt Toni!

Dig in!

A new car!

Sweet girl

Moriah being sweet with Davis

I was sending an envelope to Philip, so we had Everyone sit down and draw, write, or doodle him something to include! =)

Love this one of Liam and Keenan

Moriah chillin' with Megan

Keenan flying on Aunt Mary's legs

Keenan and Liam wrestling (while Snickers tries to get in on it)

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