Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's not really spring, and it's not really winter, it's cold and windy and wet and gray. Yuck.

The kids are going a little stir crazy, being stuck in the house and not able to play outside, but they're hanging in there. It helps when we got to other people's houses.

On Monday night we went to Mark and Rebekah's (for pizza and ice cream, so the kids were Thrilled!!) and they had a great time. Rebekah asked them to sing a song so she could record it to take to Tim and Steph's kids this weekend, and they obliged with a whole bunch! =)

Singing out of their songbooks =)

Being goofy

Not exactly his style (what do you think, Philip?)

I realize I haven't been talking much about Philip. That's because there's not a whole lot to say. =) He's doing well, keeping Very busy, and we get to talk at least once a day, which I love! He sure appreciates everyone's prayers, as do I. =)


Philip said...

Fully agree, absolutely not his style!

Mom E said...

Oh, comment more often Philip!! It makes me feel like you're right here with me! Love the photos, Joia! Love, Mom