Friday, March 4, 2011

Spending time in the Real Florida

Yesterday the kids, the dog and I made the trip to Mom and Jeff's house in Merritt Island, FL. It was a great trip, the kids were awesome and we made it here in seven and a half hours!

Here are a few pictures at our lunch stop:

Happy Dog

Happy kids

Happy Me!

On the way, I gave Mom a call to let her know where we were (to give her an idea of our arrival time), and turns out, she wasn't expecting us until today!! Oops! =)

She did a great job getting the house ready in record time though, and we had a great evening last night, and some amazing steak on the grill! =) (Thanks, Jeff!)

Uncle Isaac reading a bed time story

How I found Moriah sleeping =)

The kids are having a Great time riding their trikes!=)

I'm off for a run...

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Rebekah Storey said...

Real florida? PSHT! Whatev man!'s probably about time for you to come home. Looks like you are having fun, though!