Monday, March 28, 2011

Pony Party!

On Sunday we went to a pony birthday party! The coolest thing? They hired a real pony for the kids to ride! Keenan was sooo excited! =)

My camera battery died pretty quickly (how did I let this happen??) so I didn't get many pictures, and not even one of the birthday girl! =0/

My sweet girl

Keenan played in the sandbox most of the time =)

Moriah playing horseshoes with Dr. Paulson

Not a great picture of her, just wanted to showcase her super cute Gymboree outfit that I got in MI on clearance for $10!

Happy cowboy!!=0)

They wanted to parents to walk with the younger kids

I was so proud of Moriah for doing it too! =)

How cute is she up there?


Mom W. said...

Very cute - yay Moriah!!!

The Woodford's said...

That's great - what a neat idea!! Lots of fun for everyone!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got the pictures you did though. I was afraid you weren't going to have any when you said the battery ran out. (I feel your pain, it's one of my nightmares!)

At least you got some of each kid on a pony. Very cute pictures.


PS- I love Moriah's Gymboree dress.