Friday, March 25, 2011

Picnic with Myrtle

Yesterday was an absolutely glorious day and we decided to head to the other end of Turkey Creek for a picnic with Myrtle.

Myrtle pointing something out to the kids

We had a great walk along the boardwalk, the kids splashed their feet in the (cold!) water at the end, we saw birds, bumblebees, lizards, and this guy:

I was only comfortable with this because: A) He was about ten feet away and, B) We were up on a six foot boardwalk!

Checking us out (Anyone, John, know what he is?)

The kids had a great time chasing this little green guy around...

... and Keenan caught it!!

I was soo impressed!!
(It bit his finger a second later and he let it go) =)

Cute picture, even with food in her mouth =)


Anonymous said...

Ewwwww snakes lol. I remember seeing a few of those at TMI over the few times that I was there and running around and then all of a sudden seeing one then jumping around it haha. No idea what it is though! great pics though. looks so nice out! It was lookin like that around here then we got a big snow storm again! Take care!

Mom E said...

Not a snake lover either; can't tell what kind it is on my little laptop screen. I miss Myrtle! Give her a hug for me! Love, Mom

Flakymn said...

Somehow I missed this post -- I'll ask JB. (He's on the way to the USA right now so it might take a few minutes but he loves snakes so he'll answer fast.)

JK said...

That would be a venomous cottonmouth (a.k.a. water moccasin). Just keep your distance from these guys. They are probably the meanest of U.S. snakes.

Very cool!