Sunday, March 27, 2011

One of our favorite kid's events came around again - Construction Junction! (We missed it last year when we were in Kenya). This is when they gather construction vehicles of every kind, plus military and emergency vehicles and kids can climb on and in them to their heart's content! =) Thanks Mary Edith for letting us know it was yesterday!

Josh giving Keenan and Elijah the "no touching each other for Any reason" talk
(There is pretty constant friction between these two)

At the wheel of a beast of a military vehicle

Moriah climbing in

Chillin' inside (and then I walked away and forgot her!)

Cherry pickers

Love this one!

At the controls

In the garbage truck with Eden

Great picture of Jade!

Yes, all our kids were in here!

Ready to build!

Lookin' stylish

Keenan got to man the controls for this huge hook!

Brittny, Devin, and I took the kids to Marler Park after to play and eat lunch...

Keenan showed off his new skill - the fireman pole!


Jessica said...

That looks like so much fun! Glad you got to go. That fireman pole is really hard! I am impressed. :) Good job Keenan, love you!

Mom E said...

I bet Keenan was in all his glory. Moriah is so independent, did she even notice you walked off and left her? col. (chuckle out loud).