Saturday, March 26, 2011

Okay, I admit it...

Lego is fun. =)

I am married to a lego lover. Since we've been married, we have acquired an insane amount of lego, saved from his childhood, including a motorized train set, a pirate ship, and a large plane.
He has really enjoyed doing lego projects with Keenan as he has gotten old enough to understand how to assemble them himself, and (maybe more importantly), how to Keep them assembled!

I, however, have been happy to let this be their "boy thing" together and had little or no interest in helping with lego projects.

But, now that Philip is gone, and Keenan got a bunch of new lego for his birthday, I can't just make him let them sit on the shelf until Philip gets back, right?

The other night we put together a couple of his small ones, (that can make three different things).

Here he is with the front end loader

I'm amazed at the amount of detail they get into such a small vehicle! The dump truck actually dumps, and the front end loader has a hinging mechanism in the middle so the front can turn separately from the back!

And... just a random picture of Moriah takin' down an ice cream cone (right After her bath, how dumb am I??)


Flakymn said...

How come you don't pluralize "lego"? -- sorry, as an english person I am thinking that Philip knows the "truth" and I want to make sure I know it too?

Mom W. said...

Awww,look at her scraped elbow... =( Does ice cream make it all better?

Mom W. said...

It's the Canadian way Wendi, or maybe the Woodford way, we never called it Legos. Sounds funny to us =)

Joia said...

Turkish friend, I think if you research it, you'll find that Lego is actually the correct term. =)

Flakymn said...

Well it sounds plain funny to me. ;)