Monday, March 28, 2011

Deployment Support Event

Brittny and I took our kids to an event on base a while ago,that was put on for families of deployed service members, or those who will be deploying soon. It was amazing! It was really fun for the kids, they got a TON of free stuff, and the coolest thing was that we got to make pillowcases for the dads with the kid's pictures on them! Philip will love getting his in the mail!

The kids each got a "#1 Military Child" ribbon =)

A girl's dance group that performed

I love how Keenan is holding Sparky's paw here!

Moriah was happy with her red sucker

Brittny and I with all our free loot!
(There were some Excellent DVDs and books for the kids about parents deploying)

This guy was demonstrating some serious padding, and letting the kids hit him!

Moriah even took a swing =)

Too funny for words...

The face painters did a great job! Love this train!

My little flower =)

This base has Incredible deployment support! From what I have heard from others, it is uncharacteristically great, and I am so blessed to be here while Philip is away!


Mom E said...

God has certainly gone before you in every way hasn't He? Making the crooked paths straight. I can't tell you how comforting it is for Me to know that you have all this support. You'll have to lmk what were in all the bags. The face painting was totally awesome too.


Mom W. said...

Wow, that was a super thing for them to do. Hope you don't miss too much by coming this way!