Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday pics, etc..

Finally posting pictures from Keenan's birthday!

This is where I found the kids that morning. =)

Locked up!

Check out the cool cake that Mom got for him!

He Loved it!!

Kids and pizza

Us three

Cake all lit up

Blow 'em out!

Present time!

Cool moon light from Mom and Jeff

Jeff and his crazy skills

Keenan loved using this ramp!

Me and my girl =)

Yesterday was spent running errands, chasing Spunky down (for the third time), taking naps, going to the park, eating chili and sitting by the fire (yes, it got cool enough to light one!)

This morning the kids and I met up with Jessica, her sister in law, Jessica, their kids, and her mother in law at the park for a playdate and picnic - super fun!

The kids took great naps and now we're getting ready to head to Saturday night church.

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Mom E said...

Wow, you really did a lot in the time you were here, eh? It didn't seem like that much until you write about it. lol. I loved how Keenan was holding his pizza in the picture. It was a fun day.
Love, Mom

p.s. Comet just keeps roaming around the house going into 'your' room, and looking for everyone and Spunky. He's so bored! :)