Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Melting Pot for Free!

Last night was Ladies Night at Melting Pot. As usual, it was a blast with great friends, good food and lots of laughs. Our service for the first part of the meal though, was less than stellar. Rowena (the only one with the guts to) complained to the manager, who set us up with a different server, who did a great job!

Kendra, Me, Whitney (Campbell), Rebekah, Sandy and Rowena

When it was time for our bills to come, they all said this:

"Balance Due 0.00!"

This is just a random, cute picture of Moriah from the other day that I love =)

Her hair is starting to get so long!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pony Party!

On Sunday we went to a pony birthday party! The coolest thing? They hired a real pony for the kids to ride! Keenan was sooo excited! =)

My camera battery died pretty quickly (how did I let this happen??) so I didn't get many pictures, and not even one of the birthday girl! =0/

My sweet girl

Keenan played in the sandbox most of the time =)

Moriah playing horseshoes with Dr. Paulson

Not a great picture of her, just wanted to showcase her super cute Gymboree outfit that I got in MI on clearance for $10!

Happy cowboy!!=0)

They wanted to parents to walk with the younger kids

I was so proud of Moriah for doing it too! =)

How cute is she up there?

Deployment Support Event

Brittny and I took our kids to an event on base a while ago,that was put on for families of deployed service members, or those who will be deploying soon. It was amazing! It was really fun for the kids, they got a TON of free stuff, and the coolest thing was that we got to make pillowcases for the dads with the kid's pictures on them! Philip will love getting his in the mail!

The kids each got a "#1 Military Child" ribbon =)

A girl's dance group that performed

I love how Keenan is holding Sparky's paw here!

Moriah was happy with her red sucker

Brittny and I with all our free loot!
(There were some Excellent DVDs and books for the kids about parents deploying)

This guy was demonstrating some serious padding, and letting the kids hit him!

Moriah even took a swing =)

Too funny for words...

The face painters did a great job! Love this train!

My little flower =)

This base has Incredible deployment support! From what I have heard from others, it is uncharacteristically great, and I am so blessed to be here while Philip is away!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

One of our favorite kid's events came around again - Construction Junction! (We missed it last year when we were in Kenya). This is when they gather construction vehicles of every kind, plus military and emergency vehicles and kids can climb on and in them to their heart's content! =) Thanks Mary Edith for letting us know it was yesterday!

Josh giving Keenan and Elijah the "no touching each other for Any reason" talk
(There is pretty constant friction between these two)

At the wheel of a beast of a military vehicle

Moriah climbing in

Chillin' inside (and then I walked away and forgot her!)

Cherry pickers

Love this one!

At the controls

In the garbage truck with Eden

Great picture of Jade!

Yes, all our kids were in here!

Ready to build!

Lookin' stylish

Keenan got to man the controls for this huge hook!

Brittny, Devin, and I took the kids to Marler Park after to play and eat lunch...

Keenan showed off his new skill - the fireman pole!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our new favorite thing

The other day while watering the sod in the backyard, I playfully "spritzed" the kids with the hose. They loved it and it turned into this:

Holding the sprayer so that it "rained" on them while they were on the swings!


Laughing hysterically


Spunky keeping a safe distance =)

Okay, I admit it...

Lego is fun. =)

I am married to a lego lover. Since we've been married, we have acquired an insane amount of lego, saved from his childhood, including a motorized train set, a pirate ship, and a large plane.
He has really enjoyed doing lego projects with Keenan as he has gotten old enough to understand how to assemble them himself, and (maybe more importantly), how to Keep them assembled!

I, however, have been happy to let this be their "boy thing" together and had little or no interest in helping with lego projects.

But, now that Philip is gone, and Keenan got a bunch of new lego for his birthday, I can't just make him let them sit on the shelf until Philip gets back, right?

The other night we put together a couple of his small ones, (that can make three different things).

Here he is with the front end loader

I'm amazed at the amount of detail they get into such a small vehicle! The dump truck actually dumps, and the front end loader has a hinging mechanism in the middle so the front can turn separately from the back!

And... just a random picture of Moriah takin' down an ice cream cone (right After her bath, how dumb am I??)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Picnic with Myrtle

Yesterday was an absolutely glorious day and we decided to head to the other end of Turkey Creek for a picnic with Myrtle.

Myrtle pointing something out to the kids

We had a great walk along the boardwalk, the kids splashed their feet in the (cold!) water at the end, we saw birds, bumblebees, lizards, and this guy:

I was only comfortable with this because: A) He was about ten feet away and, B) We were up on a six foot boardwalk!

Checking us out (Anyone, John, know what he is?)

The kids had a great time chasing this little green guy around...

... and Keenan caught it!!

I was soo impressed!!
(It bit his finger a second later and he let it go) =)

Cute picture, even with food in her mouth =)