Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Goings On

It is absolutely Gorgeous here today! The weather is perfect (like I wish it could be all year round).

Jade and Eden came later today because their grandparents and aunt were in town, so they stayed home with them until it was time for Philip to take them to the airport. Makes for a much shorter four kid Wednesday!

Lots of deployment preparations are continuing to go on here...

Keenan and Philip trying out the foam topper he's taking to put on his bed

Isn't this winter coat he has to take HYSTERICAL!?!
(I love this picture so much!)

Moriah napping with her Daddy Doll

Eden hitching a ride with Keenan

Jade does it a little differently =)

I worked at the church dinner tonight, and brought home a Ton of amazing food after! Devin and the kids were here for a while, now the kids are bedded down and we're going to watch one of our favorite shows on Hulu.

Might even have a breakfast date in the works in the am.. =)


Jodi said...

Yes, that coat is hilarious! Cliff has one and he wears it every day here in ND during the winter. It's not buttoned all the way, but it's still funny.

Thinking of you all!

Mom W. said...

The coat looks like a good coat for Canada!!! Hope it is warm... does it have down fill?

The tricycle rocks, more practical than the bicycle for awhile maybe!! Can you bring it with when you come here??

Mom E said...

The coat was a hoot and I love the Daddy dolls. So sweet that Moriah was holding it so tightly even after she fell asleep. Hey, we're doing a breakfast date too in the a.m. Jeff taking off work to begin his b'day weekend. Love you, Mom

denise said...

Love the coat!