Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl and Stuff

Saturday was lazy, spent here at home with Mom and Jeff. Fresh donuts for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and out to Logan's for dinner. Yay for no cooking! =0)

It was so nice to have them around for the weekend and for them to be able to get a better handle on Philip's deployment stuff.

While they were here, we decided to let Keenan open his (bike) birthday present, so they could join in the fun...

What could be in that big package?? =)

Happy boy!!

He didn't say much initially (I think he was just shocked), but later, in the van he said, "Mommy... that bike you got me is so, so, so, so Awesome!) =0)

Moriah and Uncle Isaac going into Logan's

What a goof!

Sweet girl

Whole gang

Isaac getting a workout as Keenan gave him a goodbye hug! =)

Philip and his mom

They headed home on Sunday morning and we headed to church. That evening, we got together with a bunch of friends (thank you Levi and Marlise for hosting!) to watch the Superbowl. We don't have cable, so there was no hope of any football happening at our house, so we were thrilled to get an invite to the party! =)

It was a great evening with good friends, good food, lots of laughs, and a fun win for the Packers!

Keenan hardly left this (awesome) train table the Whole evening - he was in heaven!

Josh and Rebekah
How cute are they?

Devin and Melissa (pretending to be) rather aloof =)
(This was after a kissy-kissy picture that I can't post on here)


Yesterday was a fun Monday. I got to spend several hours in the middle of the day with my handsome man in uniform! He needed to do a bunch of running around base to pick up deployment stuff, so I went along, we had lunch at the BX, and picked up our new laptops! Sweetness!

Super fun Margarita Monday last night with the girls, and a sunny Tuesday today which ended with a family dinner at Moe's and home to watch one of our favorite shows with cream soda floats! That about catches us up! I gotta hit the sack... Four Kid Wednesday is almost here! =)


Mom W. said...

Fun, good to see Jeff, Kathleen and Isaac, so nice they could visit before Philip deploys.

Nice about the laptops... What a blessing!!

auntmary♥ said...

I have not seen your blog for several months. Just read all of Jan and up-2-date w/Feb. I really like your glasses. Are they new?

♥ 'n hugs

Mom E said...

Thanks for the nice post and for letting us be a part of Keenan's b'day bike! I too think he was in shock when he opened it. He was probably trying to figure out how you got that home since he had just tried out that same bike earlier in the store, right?! I could see the wheels turning for sure. lol. Love you.