Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Philip's Birthday and Other Stuff

Today was Philip's 30th birthday! A big deal, because now I can bug him (for 100 days) about being 30, while I'm still in my twenties. =) Totally uncool is the fact that we will only be together for five months of his 31st year. =0/

We've spent the day at home, enjoying the beautiful weather, packing for Philip's deployment and eating some of his favorites for dinner (followed by blizzards from DQ).

Yesterday was a great Valentine's day here in our home. Philip gave me really sweet cards from he and the kids, and this beautiful diamond bracelet (that I actually got a couple days ago).

Which reminded me, I hadn't mentioned this beauty that he got me for Christmas!

What a sweet man I married

Last night he made dinner (a rarity), and not just mac'n'cheese either, he made Shrimp Scampi! It was amazing... =)

Nope, not a yard sale - Philip had to treat all of his uniforms with heavy duty mosquito repellent before he packs them

I also hadn't posted a picture of my new friend on here. =)

Deployment is coming up fast and becoming very real to all of us. Keenan seems to totally "get it" now and has had some pretty emotional times.

We busted out the "Daddy Dolls" today, and the kids Love them! Never heard of these? They are sold online at a site called "Hug a Hero". They are for anyone who is missing someone. You send a full body shot of your person to them and they put it on a doll for your child to keep with them when the person (friend, parent, grandparent) is far away. They're even machine washable! Many people I've talked to about kids and deployment said that these were very helpful.

Keenan with his "doll daddy" he calls it =)

Check out the Awesome tricycle I found in someone's Trash today! Who would throw this away???

I LOVE it!

Radio Flyer!

Fun times


The Woodford's said...

Happy Birthday, Philip - welcome to the 30's!! =) It's really not all that bad!

I LOVE the "doll Daddy" =) idea - that's really neat!! Praying for you all especially right now!

Lots of love from the MX Woodheads

Kim said...

We also went to Build a Bear and made bears and my husband recorded a good night message to them in the voice box. They have their "Daddy Bear's" to sleep with and say good night to every night.

Mom W. said...

Happy Birthday Philip!!! sorry we are late with it!! Good job making shrimp scampi... I wonder how it tasted!!? =)

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh that daddy doll brought tears to my eyes. We are already praying for you, the kids and of course my big brother, Philip. Glad your Valentine's and Phil's birthday was great!! :) Love you, Jessica