Sunday, February 13, 2011

Keenan and Eden's 4th Birthday Party

Yesterday was Keenan and Eden's joint Fourth Birthday party. Eden's birthday is tomorrow, and Keenan's is in March after Philip leaves, so we just decided to have it all at once! It was interesting, incorporating two very different themes, Sock Monkey and Construction, but it was fun!

Huge thanks to Philip for all your help, and to Rebekah for bringing food and doing an excellent job at being the "event photographer" again! =)

The weather was Beautiful and the kids were able to spend a ton of time outside, rockin' the backyard!

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Another angle with funky focus

Eden's adorable (and delicious!) strawberry cake with chocolate poured over top from Just Say Cake

The Themes table

I took pictures last week to do a collage of each of the kids, incorporating their birthday theme. I really like how they turned out!

My construction boy

Pretty girl monkeying around

Keenan looking all clean and handsome before the party started =)

One of the props I borrowed from my friend, Tiffany from her son's party a few months ago

Great fun!

Josh in the trampoline with the kids

Philip installing more solar powered lights in the playhouse


Cool shot

Elijah on the rock wall


I love these next few pictures

Sand + trucks = happy boys

Then it was time for Pizza!!

Devin and Melissa ordered in from Pizza Hut - YUM!!!

Cake time!

Trying to both figure out how to look at the same camera

Sweet Eden


Light 'em up!

Oh yeah..

"Okay, can I blow it out yet??"

Love that smile!

Love this shot!!

... Keenan immediately started driving the vehicles around the cake, while...

Eden got to the more important task of licking off the candle!

There goes that big load of "chocolate cake dirt"...

No idea what's going on here, but it cracks me up!

That's a whole lot of kids and sugar

... and toppings for the ice cream

The party space

Present time!

A Huge Nerf battle axe from Jade and Eden

... and Eden got a sword and shield to protect herself from Keenan! =)

Love it!

The Aftermath

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us! It was especially awesome to get to meet Melissa's parents and sister who are in town for the week!


Anonymous said...

great pictures.....the party looked like a lot of fun.

when do we find out when philip deployes and when he is leaving?

Jake said...

what great part. Kids are really enjoying themselves. Swing set, play house, trampolines, toy, and the birthday cake, Happy birthday, little fellows.