Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fam is Here

Yesterday was pretty crazy.

I needed to take Spunky to the vet, and wanted to run a couple other errands, so I dropped the kids off with Rebekah for about 50 minutes. That entire time was used up at the vet (mostly just waiting), and I rushed back to Rebekah's, late, to let her go to a doctor's appointment.

I hung out at her house with the four kids while she was gone. Things were going well, until I tried to shut their baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. For some reason (unkown to me still, since it worked fine later), I couldn't get it to shut. She had a bungee cord that she uses to hold the gate open sometimes, so I strapped it on to keep it shut. One end of it came flying off... and whacked Moriah just above her left eye. Much bleeding ensued. It looked pretty deep, and I may have panicked a little. I raced with her to the kitchen, grabbed a wad of kleenex and held it on, while rushing around the house trying to find the first aid kit. I located it and then called my friend, Brittny, to come over and stay with the kids so I could take Moriah to the ER.

Unfortunately, Philip was not at the hospital, (he was at the faculty year long planning meeting), so our friend and doctor, Devin, was kind enough to meet us at the ER. After looking at Moriah, he decided that it could probably be glued instead of stitched - yay! He and another doctor from the residency took Great care of her, and we didn't even need to go into the ER! Moriah was such a trooper and didn't even cry (though I felt sooo bad that it happened!) It's sooo great to have connections! =) Also super great to have friends you can call when you need help - thank you soo much Brittny for filling in the gap!

Riah's owie

Things got much better for the rest of the day. The kids took naps, while I got the house ready for our weekend guests. Mom, Jeff and Isaac drove up from Merritt Island to visit with Philip and celebrate his birthday before he deploys.

This was also the first time our dogs, Spunky and Comet have met, so that made for an interesting (and somewhat tense) first hour or so last night as they got used to each other. Spunky definitely felt threatened having a new dog on her "turf". Today they are playing like old pals.


Mixing up frosting colors to decorate cupcakes

The artists and their masterpieces

How cute is he?

Spunky chewing on Comet's "bully stick"
(If you know what this is, does it gross you out or make you laugh?)

The cupcake master arrived later with pizza and finished up the decorating

Most of the house is napping right now (Isaac is actually the only one awake and is sitting beside me and taking stupid pictures of me and then posting them on Facebook... You gotta love a 10 year old brother in law)

Tonight we're going to eat out and celebrate Philip turning 30 (early), and then they head home in the morning... back to where they have cable to watch the Superbowl! =)


Brittny said...

I am sooooooo glad that I could help you out! I would have dropped whatever we were doing to get there, I"m just glad we were at home since it's closer than anywhere else we could have gone that day! So glad she's ok!!!

Anonymous said...

haha I know what that is is funny! My sisters dogs chew on those all the time. Although now she gets them deer antlers. And they last forever and they dont make a mess! glad Moriah is ok! take care!

Flakymn said...

Know what it is. Scrubs loves it. Gross. I think it's great though that you had another dog in the house. It's so good to have Spunky around other doggies and get used to having people on her turf. Scrubs, in general does much better with dogs and people if he does not greet them IN Our house. That becomes their domain.

Isn't it amazing how little doggies can cause you stress like that? :)

Oh and the boo boo, I can picture you in that scene Joia -- not your fault. Accidents happen. She'll be good as new in no time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joia from AZ! Was just catching up on your last few posts & the one about Star Wars made me chuckle. I've never been even the slightest fan of war or sci-fi movies, but when Star Wars first came out, a friend persuaded me to go - and I enjoyed them all. Who wouldn't fall in love with R2D2!!
Aunt Nora

Mom W. said...

Fun times, great pictures!!

Rebekah Storey said...

I still feel so bad that that happened to her here! Blasted bungee cord! I'm glad it's healing up ok.