Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy not Bloggin'

Wednesday night we had Devin and Melissa over for dinner. It was the last time the four of us will get to hang out for a long time, since Melissa will be leaving soon for some training and Philip will deploy while she's gone. =0/

Spunky and I chillin' on the couch after dinner

This kid LOVES nuts!!

My neighbor Myrtle, who almost all of you "know", will be turning 80 on Valentine's Day. That's a pretty big deal (I think), so I decided we should have a party for her. To throw her off the scent, I took her out for lunch today, instead of on her birthday. We went to Boathouse Landing, and were met by Philip and the kids, four of Myrtle's closest friends, and balloons and cupcakes! She was So surprised - it was awesome! We had a really nice lunch, she got some great gifts, and everyone had a great time celebrating and amazing woman. =)
(Philip was a huge help, going early to take the cupcakes and balloons, and wrangling the kids during lunch - thank you, Babe!)

Here are a few pictures:

Most of us

The pretty girl that Philip got to sit with

(Oh, and how awesome is this cupcake stand I got at Wal-Mart for $5??)

I was thrilled to find this balloon at Party City!

One of the greatest women in my life =)

Singing Happy Birthday

It was a gorgeous day when we got home, so we all hung out in the backyard for a while to enjoy the sunshine. The kids played on the trampoline and got some CRAZY hair! =)

Isn't that AWESOME?? =)

The lighting is a little funky with this one, but Keenan's hair was awesome too!

Getting bounced by Daddy

Woohoo, Moriah!

Love these boys

They're both sure going to miss this in the months to come

I love how happy he is here

He's got talent!

I think she's such a pretty girl


Keenan took this! I'm so impressed!

Now I'm prepping for Keenan/Eden's birthday party tomorrow... never a dull moment!

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Mom E said...

The photo of Keenan and Moriah in mid-air getting bounced by Daddy was an awesome catch on your part. And the photo of Philip was THE best! He takes nice pictures, but you captured pure joy in that smile of his. THANKS. Love you, Mom