Thursday, January 6, 2011

Window Painting!

Four kids in the house.



Window Painting!

The recipe I found said to mix equal parts of dish soap and washable paint together, although ours was a bit thin... The kids had a blast!

Love this one!

Happy artists!

All done!
(It is supposed to wipe off really easily, but I haven't tried yet)


Aunt Heather said...

Whiteboard markers work well for windows too.

Mom W. said...

Wow, good job Moriah!! Good job everyone!!

Bruce Woodford said...

Joia, you seem to have no shortage of great ideas for occupying kids! Great fun! Poster paint (pre-mixed or the kind you make from dry powder(adding water) with just a drop or two of dish soap should work well too.

Jessica said...

aww, love when your dad comments. :)

Mom E said...

I just have to "ditto" your mom, dad and Jessica's comments... (except that I had no clue about using poster paint etc). In fact window painting is something I would Never have thought of in the first place, oh Creative One. (Jeff calls Jessica Obe Wan b/c she is teaching him how to do CVS shopping. So can you be my Obe Wan in teaching me how to unlock the creativity in me?!!) lol.

Elnora Turmelle said...

It really looks like they were really having so much fun painting that window. There's just a warm feeling looking at the final masterpiece. Bet it took you a while before you finally decided to clean the panes. Yep, it would really wipe off easily, so nothing much of a problem for the windows.