Thursday, January 27, 2011

Okay, Okay, Mom...

(I wrote this yesterday and thought it had posted!)

I know, I've been Terrible at blogging lately! The days are just flying by, and before I know it, I'm headed to bed and have not blogged!

So... since Sunday, what have we been up to?

On Monday I had lunch with Sandy, the third spouse wife that I've met with to interrogate them about everything I need to know about deployment and how to handle it best with kids, etc. She (as were each of the others) was extremely helpful! I am so blessed to have such encouraging women around me.

Keenan gettin' stretchy with his Super Stretchy ABC game

... and my turn =)

Me'n' my snuggle puppy

Tuesday was the first time I'd gone running with both kids in the jogger, and it went much better than I expected! I actually did a mile and a half in my usual, solo time! It must be that I had to "power up" the inclines, and the jogger "dragged" me down the other side! =)
That night we had a super awesome time at Family Night with Devin and Melissa (and a bunch of other friends that happened to be there!)

Yesterday I worked on figuring out how to incorporate Eden's Sock Monkey theme and Keenan's Construction theme into their joint birthday party next month. Should be fun! =)
Rebekah and I braved the crowds and checked out the new Wal-Mart (hours after it opened) with all our kids! =)

The Amazing, four layer, "Cake Boss" type cake they were serving!

Our gang (munching on all the free food we had collected on our way around the store!)

A picture of the outside (for friends who have moved away)

After that, I folded and put away about four loads of laundry (turns out when No One in the family has any socks left, it's time to tackle the pile of clean laundry) =)
Last night we went to DQ for dessert, since they were having Customer Appreciation Day and everything was 1/2 Off! The line was forever long, and the kids sat on either side of me, dripping their Dilly Bars all over me while Philip got our food, but it was totally worth it and my Peanut Buster Parfait was divine! =)

So, (as has been his plot for our entire married life), Philip has, in the last couple of days, convinced me to watch the Star Wars movies with him. And... I have to say - I'm actually liking them! (That last part was typed in a whisper). What next?!?

This morning we had MOPS, and bade farewell to one of our coordinators, Destiny, who will be moving to Germany with her Air Force husband soon. =0/ We also had a kick boxing instructor come and do a class for us, which was super cool (I may not be able to move tomorrow, but for today, it was fun!)
Then we had to load up on chewy dog toys, since Spunky definitely likes to chew.

She must have gotten her amazing fashion sense from me =)


Flakymn said...

I'm actually proud of you from releasing yourself from "having" to blog everyday. I know that is a big step for you! :)

Jenny said...

I am a reader living in Stuttgart, Germany (friend of Wendi's), and coordinating a military MOPS group here. Your friend Destiny isn't coming here is she?!

All your references to Chik fil'a, Walmart, and DQ are making me home sick! Enjoy!!!


Mom E said...

I also am proud of you for freeing yourself from the need to blog daily! Not that I don't enjoy seeing pics of my grand-kids, but I like that you're taking time for yourself.

I am even more proud that you have finally watched and enjoyed Star Wars. I Loved those movies and enjoyed seeing them again as we introduce them to Isaac. Jeff will be Very excited that you like them (said in a whisper too). lol. Love, Mom

Jessica said...

I have never seen Star Wars. Tell Philip, it is my life goal to never see them. LOL Not really, but it is hilarious how when you tell someone you've never seen them, what a crazy look they give you! That pic of Moriah is sooo cute!

denise said...

My boys LOVE Star Wars! So next time we see you they'll have fun talking about the characters with you :)

Mom W. said...

I did say thank you and make a comment but I see it is not even hear so somehow it must not have posted.

It was great to get some news and pictures... sorry for bugging you Joia. =)

I really liked the comment about Moriah's fashion sense. How about the expression... a little attitude going on there? =)

Thanks again. Love you...