Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mall Rats

One of my friends jokes that I'm a "mall rat", but I really don't Ever go to the mall, except for Family Night! =) Tonight was the first time we've (the kids and I) gone by ourselves in a while. It was totally okay though, I think we all enjoyed a bit of a slower pace, and it was fun to just hang out together, instead of with a big group.

My dinner dates
(Moriah cracks me up!)

Isn't this Hallmark teddy bear HUGE??

Funny picture of the three of us =)

We stopped in at Target quickly on the way home... and as always, got caught up in the "Dollar Spot", and found this for Spunky!

Haha! I don't really consider myself the kind of pet owner that would do this, but it was just too cute, and hello - for a buck??

Spunky has been with us for a week now and is doing soo well! I am so proud of her, and super glad to have her in our home. =)


Aunt Heather said...

And Target is coming to Canada - taking over Zellers.

Brittny said...

Moriah just needs a bunch of gold chains and a mohawk and the she'd be Mr. T. Other than the fact she's the size of his arm and white.

We have started Taekwondo on Tues/Thurs. so I don't know when we will be able to make it again. The class ends at 5:00, so we could still make it, but I have to get adjust to our new routine for the year first.

Glad you guys had fun and that shirt totally cracks me up!!!