Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lots Going On!

Events of the past two days:

Four Kid Friday

Philip was home on Friday, so that made the day really fun!

Keenan and Jade started the day off in "dress up" mode

Since it was nice out, we decided to take the kids to the Gulfarium! It turned out to be a bit cooler there, since it's right on the beach and was quite windy. We were the only ones in the park for most of the time, which was cool, because the kids could just run wherever they wanted and they didn't bother anyone!

Some of the exhibits were closed and some animals were snuggled up in their beds, but the gators (for a change) were out of the water to lay in the sun, so it was fun to be able to see all of their bodies, not just their heads sticking out!

We found a sheltered corner to sit and have snacks:

I love this picture of Philip and Moriah!

The other three with me

All four of the kids with the dolphin

Jade and Eden wanted one of just them =)

This heron was hilarious! It just stood "statue still" by the sting ray pool and looked hungrily at all the little fish swimming around! =)

Close up

My handsome man

Two boys in a bucket


Saturday was a busy, fun day for us! The weather was AWESOME (70), so the possibilities were endless!

It started off with giving Spunky a bath (her first at our house). She did really well and was her fur was so soft and nice smelling when it was done! =)

In the tub

Philip took the rail off Moriah's crib (since she's been climbing out of it anyway). So now our baby is sleeping in a semi "big girl" bed! Big stuff! =)

We went for a family run (our first!) at Turkey Creek! Being together makes exercise even more fun!

After that, we headed to the Commissary to pick up some stuff for the Sassy Potato Corn Chowder I was making for that evening, and then hit the disc golf course for the first time in a long time! We even took Spunky with us (which worked amazingly well), and Philip and I played our best games ever!

Last night we went to the annual Soup Party with the staff, residents and interns from Eglin. It's super fun, everyone brings their own mug, and you spend the night socializing and eating the seven different kinds of soups, chowders and chilis that people had made! There was lots of laughter and great conversation since it was a "no kid" party. (Melissa and Devin had a great sitter, and we took our kids over there too!)

Rebekah and I (her baby belly is Just starting to show!)

Goofing around

The crowd in the kitchen

Philip and I

All in all... a super Saturday! =)

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Mom W. said...

Fun... the soup supper sounds like a cool idea during a cool Florida winter... =) and nice for a cold Canadian winter too!!!

Do you ever sit still????