Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Secret Business

I can't believe I skipped two days of blogging without realizing it!

Here are a couple pictures of the kids and I on Sunday. They were wearing their matching outfits from Rebekah and Mark, and I happened to match too!

Love those grins!

Yesterday was my "kid free" day, so I took care of some errands in the morning, visited briefly with Philip at work and then headed home for lunch. After lunch I had a great, long phone conversation with my friend, Laura, before heading out to do something fun for a couple hours. I'm not saying yet what it is that I did, but it turned into something even More fun today! (If you've been on Facebook, you're all wondering what I'm talking about!) More to come on that in the next couple of days... =)


The Woodford's said...

Sounds fun! We have a secret today too, that will be unveiled (to the girls) in about 1/2 an hour! I love surprises, and can't wait! I'm planning to post ours later this evening on our blog! =) Have a great day! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

This is cruel and unusual punishment! I think I'll have to stop reading until after the surprise revealed!!! I can't take the suspense!

Love Rebekah