Friday, January 21, 2011

Fantastic Four Kid Friday!!

Sometimes the day that I have all four kids is pretty crazy. They have become almost more like siblings than typical friends and some days (like last Wednesday), they just fight, fight, fight! However, today was... a joy. Seriously. They have played So well together and gotten along so much better that it has been a pleasure! They even did so well at the vet (yes, I had to take all four kids to the vet with me because the dog needed medication), that they all got ice cream cones from McDonald's after.

Next up was the car wash. Totally fun for four kids (who needs amusement parks when you have the drive through car wash??) but... totally Terrifying for the beagle in the backseat! =0/ I felt soo bad for poor Spunky who was shaking the whole time! Note to self: Drop dog at home first next time.

For lunch I made super awesome, cheesy homemade mac and cheese (the best I've ever made, I think) ... and all four kids acted like they would prefer the boxed kind. LOL.

They were all playing Very quietly in Keenan's room (with the door shut), so carefully opened the door, and this is what I found:

... all four of them in Keenan's bed! =)

Next, they decided to double up in the sleeping bags =)

Lunch time

The dog bed we had ordered for Spunky arrived today... she doesn't seem very interested in it yet, but the kids sure like it! =)

I got an awesome surprise this afternoon when I answered the door (with curlers in my hair because I have a hot date tonight), to find a delivery man holding a beautiful "Edible Arrangement" for me! I was sooo excited!! I've never had one before, but it looks amazing and it's perfect for Philip and I to share on our date! (Is it bad that I didn't even tell the kids it came??)

So yes... we have another date tonight only a week after our last one. Our awesome friends, Devin and Melissa babysat last week for us and insisted on doing it again this weekend (overnight dates both times), because they know the time is Quickly ticking down to when Philip will deploy for six months. We appreciate them So much and are really enjoying these special times together.


Mom W. said...

I hope you put a picture of the edible arrangement on here!! Sounds interesting.

Poor Spunky... car washes are hard to explain to a dog!!

Mom E said...

Who got you the edible arrangement? So very glad you and Philip are getting time together. Woo hoo for great friends, eh? LOVED the shirt for Spunky. I also Never thought I'd get a sweater for a dog, but with it getting so cold, I had to buy one for Comet.