Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Craziness!

Here is the catch up post on our ten day "Celebrate Christmas Everywhere" trip!

Christmas in Florida (Dec 23rd - 25th)

Keenan and his cousins (Reagan and Hudson) hammin' it up at breakfast

Mom bought pajamas for everyone for a Christmas picture! =)

The girls

The guys

The little boys

Uncle Isaac with his nephews and niece!

The guys outside (in their pjs!) playing bocce ball

Philip with his dad and beautiful sister, Jessica

Uncle Isaac reading a bedtime story to Moriah and Keenan =)

On our flight from Orlando to Detroit

Christmas in Michigan (Dec 25th - 27th)

After a great flight, our rental was upgraded to a minivan (which was sweet!) and we headed to Uncle Tim and Aunt Toni's house. When we showed up, we realized they were having an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" gathering that we hadn't been told about, but they had extras, so we were in luck! =)

Rockin' the ugly Christmas sweaters! =)

Keenan with Grandma, Aunt Mary and Megan

We had a blast - eating a delicious Christmas dinner, and then playing a bunch of super fun games from the new tv show, Minute to Win It! What a hoot! =)

The day after Christmas, we went and visited our good friends, Anthony and Melissa and their two sweet kids. We had a great visit and some awesome Max and Erma's take out!

That afternoon, the kids got to go sledding for the very first time! They were sooo excited! It was windy, and quite cold, but they didn't mind!

The chilly four =)

Philip and Moriah took a spill on her first time down
(her head is by his knee here!)

Keenan, the sledding master!

Moriah and I

Grandma (in the middle) with her kids, grand kids and great grand kids!

I have no pictures from the rest of our time in Michigan, but we (almost everyone pictured above) played Wallyball (like volleyball in a raquetball court, with the walls in play), which was a blast!

Christmas in Ontario (December 27th - 31st)

On the 27th, we headed to Ontario to my parent's house. On the way, we stopped in to see our friends, Nathan and Laura, at their new house in snowy London (which we Loved!) and had a great (but super short) visit, but I didn't take any pictures =0/

The next day the kids got another chance to go sledding when my dad dug some old sleds out of the barn and we headed into town to a small hill by the Curling Club (yup, you know you're really in Canada when your town has a Curling Club) =)

This one cracks me up of Keenan and my dad ready to head down the hill =)

Philip and Moriah on the GT

I LOVE this picture!

Me pulling the kids on the GT

Keenan showing Grandpa his crazy Memory skills =)

That night, Mark and Rebekah (my only brother who was actually around this visit), came over for dinner and we had a great time, trying to play some of the Minute to Win It games. =)

Joia sandwich hug

Uncle Mark with Keenan and Moriah

Philip and Mark in an intense "keep the candy suctioned onto the straw" game

We're just too cool

A bunch of family came over on Thursday evening for dinner, and there were more presents and stockings, and fun, but I forgot to get my camera out! The only picture I have is Keenan, totally focused on the timer for the game we were playing... it was hilarious!

I need to get one of these!

On the morning of the 31st, we left my parent's house quite early, drove to Windsor, cleared customs, and realized we had some extra time before our flight. We headed to a great mall, where we met up with Philip's dad (who had just dropped Matt and Jess at the airport), did a bit of shopping (Great deal for me at Gymboree!) and had lunch before heading to the airport.

Me and my happy seat mate on the flight back to Orlando

Our flight got in a little late, so we headed straight to a New Year's Eve party (changed on the way!) with Matt and Jessica and a bunch of their friends. Not many pictures here either...

Keenan roasting a hot dog by himself =)

Us again

We left the party at about 9, headed back to Mom and Jeff's house (they were in OH), got the kids settled, and I headed to be while Philip watched some football. Philip set an alarm and we woke up at midnight to welcome the new year (and settle Keenan after he got freaked out by some fireworks nearby), and went back to sleep... how exciting are we?? =)

On New Year's Day, I started the year off with a great morning run, we watched the Rose Parade, and then headed to Matt and Jessica's where we had pizza and watched (way too much) football for most of the day. =)

Our FULL van for the drive home!

Whew! That's it, folks!


Mom E said...

It was a wonderful Christmas here with you all & I'm fighting the blues since our arrival home from OH. Thanks for posting all the other pics too. It was great to see all the sledding and snow and families. The year-end review was totally awesome too. I miss you so much. Love, Mom

p.s. too much football? I won't let Jeff read this; you might be disowned. lol.

Mom W. said...

Wow does Eric ever look A LOT like his Dad, especially with the beard...

Fun pictures... what a lot you packed in those 10 days... by the way your arrival here was the 28th, not the 27th!

Miss you all, way too short but much enjoyed.

Jessica said...

Great post! I am so glad you got that picture of us by the tree because I totally forgot to take any pics in Michigan. :) Love the one of you and Moriah on the plane. She has such a cute smile! Also love the one of her with her pacifier in her mouth but you can totally see her smile on either side of it!! LOL. Had a great visit with you guys in FL, then MI, then FL again. Love you

denise said...

the silly breakfast picture cracks me up!!!