Friday, December 17, 2010

Moriah's Birthday Festivities

Today has been a fun day, celebrating Moriah's actual birthday. =)

This morning she got one present (the rest waited until Philip got home), that I actually got at a "MOPS Swap" back in the spring!

A cute little bassinet/changing table/high chair!

We had Brittny (and Christopher and Sophie) and Rebekah (and Elijah and Judah) over this morning to play and have lunch. Moriah wasn't her usual chipper self though and was a little overwhelmed by everything that was going on. She did have fun though when we all went out to play on the play set (in the rain!) She and Keenan took good naps after that.

This evening we got pizza and then when Philip got home, we sang happy birthday and opened presents!

Our sweet birthday girl with her "birthday cookie"

Blowing out the candles

I did it!

Chowing down her cookie
(Newly added to the dessert blog, it is a Raspberry Chocolate Cream Cheese cookie!)

Present time!

Yay for a super cool tea sett from Uncle Tim and Auntie Steph!

Keenan got to open a little gift to, and was Delighted to see that we had found him a Luigi (which we've looked for forever) from Cars!

Realizing there's a baby in there!

She was kept Very busy, giving the baby it's bottle, it's paci, putting it on the potty, dressing it, undressing it, wrapping it up, feeding it, and starting all over!

It's actually Super exciting for me (as I'm sure my mom would believe) to have a little girl who is so into dolls... I was Crazy about baby dolls for many years as a child! This is going to be so much fun! =)

Daddy showing her how to burp the baby

Giving the baby some "yogurt"

They were so cute, watching the train before bed =)

... and here's our sweet munchkin one year ago!


Wegner Family said...

Happy Birthday, Moriah! Did you plan for her to be in brown and pink polka dotted outfits for both of her birthdays?

Mom W. said...

What fun, good little Momma she is.

Mom E said...

How cute to see her learning how to burp the baby. Wow, she is such a natural.