Monday, December 13, 2010


Okay, so... Saturday night we went to an AMAZING musical production of "A Christmas Carol" at church. Even the kids sat through it (well, Moriah made it most of the way before going to the nursery). It was sooo well done!

On Sunday evening we had a fun drive around town in the dark to look at Christmas lights, and then home to watch a Dennis the Menace Christmas movie together. =)

Today the kids were at Devin's so I had a day to relax, do some shopping, stop in and see Philip briefly at work, and go to Margarita Monday with some friends tonight! =)

My mouth is continuing to heal well, but I'm still taking pain meds around the clock to keep it under control. I'm also still eating a pretty soft diet. Recent meals have included broccoli soup, pureed turnips (which I actually really like!), squash, and mashed sweet potatoes. Tonight at the Mexican restaurant while the others had chips and dip and nachos, etc.. I had refried beans with cheese and guacamole. =)

My two little Christmas kids right before heading to the library open house this morning


Mom W. said...

Cute little elves!!!

Mom E said...

will I have to have special food for you at Christmas breakfast?

Kids look so cute!