Friday, December 10, 2010

It sure is a fun yard!!

Jade and Eden are here for the day today. It was pretty cold this morning, but it warmed up around noon, and we spent a Lot of time in the backyard! Man, I love that place.. =)

The kids had lunch out there at the little picnic table for the first time (of many, I think) and it was really fun! They were swinging, bouncing, sliding, climbing, running... and laughing all the way! =)

Perfect size table for these four =)

I love how Moriah is peeking around Keenan's cup here

... and off to the trampoline - let the jumping begin!

Jade flies high!

Keenan soars!

Eden's got air!

Then the girls took a break on the swing while the boys stayed on the trampoline...

Chasing, giggling...

and wrestling =)

That's a full slide!

Moriah at the top, driving the whole thing!

I'm feeling really good today, I am just very anxious to be able to Chew food again! =)

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Mom E said...

Jessica and I are coveting your backyard now! lol.