Sunday, December 19, 2010

FMR Christmas Party and Early Christmas

Last night was the annual Christmas party for everyone in the Family Medicine Residency. It is always a lot of fun, but super C-R-A-Z-Y with people, food, kids, noise, gifts, EVERYWHERE!!

(I took tons more pictures, the rest are on Facebook)

Our family (not sure what Moriah's deal was!)

Bethany (due any day!), Me and Brittny

Our hosts, Trisha (Dr. that delivered Moriah!) and Rod

Rebekah and I

Devin and Melissa

Philip and I

Since we'll be heading out of town on Thursday, we thought we'd have Christmas early and open gifts today so the kids could have some time to play with them before we left...

Cute kids by the tree

Keenan's cool Cars Memory game from Grandma and Grandpa W

Moriah's puppy

Moriah's grocery cart from Grandma and Grandpa W

Keenan's own (real) camera!

Moriah's first dollhouse

Keenan's walkie talkies

I took some pictures of the two of them before church this morning...

... and this is what I got! =)

That's better


Anonymous said...

Funny!!! Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Mom W. said...

Woops, that was Mom W.

Mom E said...

Oh my goodness, the pic by the tree reminds me of a pic I have of Philip with his arm around Jessica! And the last pic was sooo cute too. Love, Mom