Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All I Want for Christmas...

...is five less teeth! =)

My surgery this morning went well! I was pretty nervous going in, but it all went fine and I was out of there (and a little loopy) before you know it!

Philip took the day off work to be home with me, and Devin watched the kids for us. I knew Philip was an amazing Doctor, but it turns out he's a pretty awesome Nurse too! He kept track of the time and when I should use ice, when I should eat, take my medication... and let me relax and get lots of sleep in between! He also cleaned the house while I slept, brought the laptop in the bedroom so I could watch a movie (I chose Sweet Home Alabama), and he watched some of it with me - while folding laundry! On top of all that, he got me a "Yay, you made it through surgery" gift... emerald earrings! They are my birthstone and match the pendant he bought me in Mexico on a cruise several years ago!

He left a little while ago, to pick up the kids, take them to Wendy's and then do some Christmas shopping, how awesome is he???? I am soo blessed. Thank you Philip, you have made this day better than I could have ever thought possible after having five teeth yanked out of my head. =)

To all those of you who have been praying for me - thank you soo much! I really do feel pretty good!

I don't think my cheeks are Too "chipmunky", are they?=)
This picture shows my new earrings with the necklace

Now a bit of a catch up from the last couple days:

On Sunday, we had family pictures done at church for a MOPS fundraiser, by my friend and professional photographer, Jessica James. It was really cold, but fun, and she got some great shots - I can't wait to pick up our cd on Monday!!

I've got all our gifts wrapped and our Christmas cards sent out (to six countries this year!)

Last night was the Christmas parade in Fort Walton Beach which has been a tradition for us since we moved here. A bunch of friends went with us this time which made it even more fun! We got great parking spots - and it was cold, but not too cold, just the right temperature for it to actually Feel like a Christmas parade!

Me and my girl
(I was Thrilled to discover yesterday that both our kids still fit into their winter coats from last year, so we are Ready for you Michigan and Ontario!)

Macie, Eric and Emerson

Melissa, Devin, Rowena and Jade

Our chilly bunch =)

Moriah at the end with all our loot =)
(Which is sitting there taunting me today... but nope - only pudding, jello and mashed sweet potatoes for me!) =)

Jessica, the one who took our pictures on Sunday, posted this "sneak peek" picture on my Facebook wall to help cheer me up today - it sure did!

Love it!


Flakymn said...

Who is Wendy? Ugh. So hurt that you made a new Wendy friend.

P.S. Don't worry, I'll get over it.

P.S.S.Loved the big reveal post. It was funny b/c when Philip said he'd get out of geekville, I was just thinking, "Oh man, this is so something I have no idea what he is talking about."

LOVE LOVE LOVE the yard.

Susan said...

I might be wrong, but I think she meant the hamburger Wendy! Love the earrings!

Mom W. said...

Yay Philip for being a great nurse too. Sounds like you were spoiled ROTTEN Joia but we are so glad that you are doing well.

LOVE the picture of you and Moriah at the end... especially sweet of Moriah!!!

Funny that Wendy is jealous of the hamburger place!! =)

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon! Ur backyard looks awsome! great job!
take care

Mom E said...

Go Philip. You make me proud. So glad your surgery went so well, Joia. 5 teeth all at once. Ouch! Love, Mom