Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tryin' to keep it Daily...

A slightly random collection of pictures from yesterday and today:

When I asked Keenan what he was doing here, he said, "A celebration"
(Me) "A celebration?"
(Keenan, big smile) "Yup"
(Me) "A celebration of what?"
(Keenan) "Of toys!" =)

Yesterday after lunch, I dropped the kids off with Devin, then picked up some lunch, went shopping for some stuff for Moriah's party (and a fun new shirt), then went home, watched a movie, and got ready for my date with... this hot guy! =)

Dinner at Outback (thanks Mom and Jeff for the gift card!)

We had a really great time and good conversation... thanks for babysitting, Devin and Melissa!

Today was Wheaties Wednesday again, with the Four Stooges. =)

Everyone painting pine cones

Artist hard at work

My new favorite show to watch is, Moriah in Her Crib! =) Devin and Melissa have a video baby monitor that they use when Moriah naps at their house. I asked if I could borrow it, and we watched her this evening after we put her to bed. It's Hilarious!!! I had No idea how much she moves around and fools around before going to sleep! She did somersaults, played peek a boo with no one, stuck pacifiers in her shirt and pants, flipped around from one end of the bed to the other, laid down, got back up, talked to herself.... and Finally settled down and went to sleep! =)


Tiffany said...

Oh how fun! I wish we had a video monitor. It is often hilarious just listening to my little Sterling (he's the same age as Moriah) before he goes to bed, I am sure it'd be fun to watch him as well.

Aunt Heather said...

Cute! At least she doesn't want your attention.

Jessica said...

oh my gosh, that would be reason alone to get one of those cameras. HOW CUTE! I would love to see what kind of stuff Hudson is getting into before he goes to sleep. Aww!

Mom W. said...

Wow, how interesting, a video monitor... wish I had had one of those for my kids... are you glad I didn't Joia?? LOL

Mom E said...

Yeah, I wish I had had one of those too. It would've been so much fun. And how blessed you are that she will play and put herself to sleep. That is so awesome. Love,Mom

Mom E said...

p.s. so glad you go to go out for dinner!