Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunset on the Beach

Last night the kids and I headed to the beach to get some pictures before it got too cold. It was a perfect evening! The kids played, I snapped pictures, and the sun set... beautiful.

So excited to be at the beach!

My favorite shot

I thought this was really pretty

A wave coming in caught them by surprise =)

Happy dude

I didn't quite catch all of her in the shot, but I really like this one

Fun with focus

This makes me smile

Sun's goin' down

Sweet girl


Love these!


... and then they just both laid down

... and did this! =)

Yes, we live here - still not used to the awesomeness of that

One of my favorites

This one's kind of cool and it makes me laugh because he's in mid air =)


The Woodford's said...

There's something about sunset pic's at the beach that definitely make one feel peaceful! Beautiful pic's of your cuties, Joia!!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures Joia!

Mark and I are planning to go do some for our Christmas cards... I wish you were here to do them :)

Love you,


Mom W. said...

Sweetness indeed!!! Love the pics Joia!!!

Mom E said...

Simply can't choose a favorite b/c they are all SO good! I cannot believe how much Moriah has grown. I hope she remembers me/us when she gets here. Can't wait 2 C U all. Love,Mom