Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday check in

Poor Moriah is sick, sick, sick!! We stayed home from church this morning because she's been congested with a cough for the last few days, and then this afternoon she has just been miserable, and has thrown up four times! =0/ It's so sad seeing her feel so bad...

Thankfully, Keenan was invited over to play with Jade and Eden, so I've been able to just focus on taking care of Moriah, rocking her, giving her baths, snuggling, etc.

Philip has gotten So much done on the play set today and it is looking Great! =)

Keenan's play date turned into... his first ever sleep over tonight! =) We just talked to him on the phone to say goodnight and he didn't seem the least bit homesick and was pretty excited about it all. I'm so proud of him and happy for this "first" for him, but it's a little sad for me... he's growing up!


Mom E said...

I know what you mean about feeling sad about Keenan growing up. For the first time ever, Isaac didn't say goodbye to me or give me a hug or anything when a friend's parent came to pick him up. Jeff was there so it isn't like he just took off...but the realization that just saying goodbye to Daddy was enough made me sad!

Mom W. said...

Wow, go Keenan... how did he do? What was the news the next morning?