Friday, November 5, 2010

Not Much

Yesterday the kids and I stuck around home because they were a little under the weather. Keenan has a cough and was running a fever, too. =0/

Last night we went to Sam's Club and fell in love with the playset we're going to buy (hopefully, if it's still in stock) tomorrow. Woohoo!

Today I took the kids to Brittny's while I went out for lunch with a few of the staff wives from Eglin. They are awesome and so was the food (at Another Broken Egg Cafe)!

I made my first homemade pinata (for Moriah's birthday party next month). I'm not sure that I'll do it again... =)

Philip will be home soon and then we have a fun weekend ahead of us!


denise said...

I will tell you, the boxes are HEAVY and it took a WHILE to put it together! But it's an awesome set, esp for the price!!! I think working evenings and one half Saturday, it took Dan 4 days to put it together. I helped when I could by seeing what pieces were needed in the next steps and laying them out for him. The best help was taking the 2 hours to find and lay out all the wood pieces by part name. It was worth it! There are places that the instructions lack direction, or make things a little confusing. But for the most part they are not too bad. Have Phil take notes and send it to the company afterwards! I'll tag you in a pic of ours on FB :) Little known fact, they are built in the little town we just moved from in AR. We drove by the place every day!

Flakymn said...

How's your yard going?

Jessica said...

I LOVE Another Broken Egg!! I wish there was one down here. :)

Mom E said...

please take pics of the backyard as it progresses. I'd love to see how it's looking; but knowing you, you'll want to make it a surprise. And lol, I've never heard of "Another Broken Egg" restaurant! It figures you and Jessica would know about it. :-) I'm just not 'with it' these days, I guess. Love, Mom