Saturday, November 27, 2010

My First 5K!!

My first 5K, "Run for the Angels" was this morning! It was put on by the Salvation Army, and supports their Angel Tree ministry that provides Christmas gifts for children who's parents are unable to do so. It was awesome!

I was hoping for cool weather for the run, and I sure got it! Brrrr! It was only 34 degrees when we ran!

It was a great run, and I'm thinking about doing another one in two weeks!

Cold, but excited to be there!

The child assigned to me

What a goof

Cold hands!

Go, go, go - there's the finish line!

32.28! (10.4 minutes per mile)
3.5 minutes faster than my last record time of 36 minutes!

I am very thankful:
To God - for an able healthy body, which I realize is a blessing, not a right
To Philip - for supporting me in my new found love of running
To Laura H and Rebekah W - who have inspired me to make some healthier lifestyle choices
To Ada - For joining Philip in the cold at the sidelines
To Rob - For watching all three kids at home to save them from the cold!


Mom W. said...

Yeah, who would have thunk... you would love running.

Remember cross country...

Anonymous said...

congrats Joia! so proud of you! I hope to get to 5K point in the next month or so and then try one, and next year 10K!!! You are inspiring me too!!

L :)

Jessica said...

That is awesome-an amazing time for a 5K. good job!!!

denise said...


Flakymn said...

Joia, so very, very proud of you. How awesome!

Just a suggestion -- I always run with gloves when it is a bit cold and a warmer on my ears. It will help tremendously!

Rachel and Hans said...

Congrats!! 5K's are so much fun and I think that 35 degrees is PERFECT running weather! Wayyy better that heat! Keep it up!

Andrew said...

Joia good job, very proud of you maybe I can come run one of those with you some day.