Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kids, kids, kids

Yesterday was kind of icky outside, so I asked Brittny and Rebekah if they wanted to come over with their kids and hang out and have lunch. We had four boys and two girls - pretty hectic, but fun!

Lunch - the aftermath =)

They didn't stop long enough for me to get clear pictures!
(Sophie and Judah are missing here)

Moms eating, kids playing

Last night was a great Margarita Monday. Melissa, Tracy and I got together and had a great talk about where we are with God, kids, relationships, etc. The (99 cent) Margaritas are really just an excuse to get together. =)

It's a great day today! I went for my first post-injury run this morning (with the double jogger) and it went really well!

Right now Moriah is napping (she was up until 10 last night on a Halloween candy sugar high), and Elijah is here playing with Keenan while Rebekah runs to the Commissary.

After lunch, I'm dropping the kids off at Devin's, and then I get an entire afternoon to myself, and when Philip gets home, we're going on a date! Woohoo!

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Mom E said...

Where'd you go on your date?