Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Done!!

Philip and Rob finished the play set yesterday! We are SO excited! I'm posting a couple pictures, but will wait to do the "here's the whole thing" picture until we have the mulch down and everything...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Devin and Melissa and their kids joined us for dinner and we ate Well! We had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato biscuits, and Melissa made green bean casserole and Amazing sweet potato casserole. For dessert we had turtle pumpkin pie and apple cranberry pie! Yum!

After dinner we played Whoonu and Taboo - fun times! =0)

Lunch break at the mini picnic table =)

Keenan and Philip with the telescope

Happy girl!

They Love this swing!

Rob, Ada and Brayden

Brayden trying out the slide


Philip and Keenan are playing football on base right now, and then we're all going to head out for some Black Friday shopping!

1 comment:

Mom W. said...

The playset looks amazing (thank you for posting pictures today!!) and the pies look great too.

Hope you got some good deals and it was worth the hassle!!

Love to you all.