Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm back

Let's see... where did I leave off?

On Monday, Christopher and Sophie came over to play and hang out for a while so Brittny could run some errands. The kids had a blast and ended up spending most of their time outside since it was so nice.

Uh oh, better tell Aunt Rhodie...
(Let me know if you get this!)

The Keenanator

Christopher at the wheel of the car

Sophie sweeping up

Chalk time!

Christopher displaying his garbage truck drawing

Moriah dancing to some music she heard in a car driving by =)

Sophie and her baby

Fun with shadows

Monday evening was fun. Melissa and I were the only ones who showed for Margarita Monday, so we split some fajitas and talked for several hours! She's great! Thanks to our husbands who hung out together and watched the kids for us! =)

Yesterday we went to story time at the library, came home for lunch and then hung out at Melissa and Devin's for the rest of the day since Melissa had the day off! We put the kids down for naps (although Keenan and Eden ended up playing most of the time in their rooms), and the adults watched Food, Inc. It was different than I had expected, but very good!

In the evening, Philip joined us and we went to the mall for Family Night and Chick fil A. Yum!

Today is kind of a lazy day for us, but the weather is awesome! I got a bunch of cute pictures of Moriah - here's one:


Anonymous said...

Her old grey good is dead. Poor thing.

Mom W. said...

I get it!!! The old grey goose is dead... =(

Cute pics of all the kids!!