Saturday, November 6, 2010

Farm Day 2010

Today was our Fourth Farm Day!! The weather was cool, but sunny, a ton of our friends were there, the kids had fun and we had a really great day!

Yes, I do love (free!) cotton candy!!

The kids (especially Keenan) Loved playing in these huge troughs full of corn!

Having lunch with Josh and Rebekah

On the hayride

One of the donkeys we passed

Me and my cuties

The kids got to throw some grain pellets to the cows on our hayride!

This reminds me of a safari picture... but with much different animals! =)

Time to build at the Home Depot spot!
(Philip is being Very brave here, holding the nail for Keenan!_

Moriah's brief moment with the safety goggles on

Lookin' good and ready to build! =)


Moriah preferred the observation seat with a snack

Goggles up, taking a break

Finishing up!

Putting some tools in his completed tool box!

Checking out the sheep

Keenan loved these big Tortoises!

Moriah was Not a fan!

... and they ended the day back in the corn trough =)

Fast asleep on the way home

When we got home, Keenan and Philip worked in the yard for a bit, and then Moriah and I picked up pizza and we had a movie night (Stuart Little 3).


Heather said...

teehee the pictures of Keenan and Moriah with the saftey glasses on are SO cute! Your blog brings a smile to my face :)

Mom E said...

I love all the pics so much. It's so cool that you get to do so many cool things there. What a great place to be raising K & M.

Mom W. said...

Fun and funny!!! Corny... LOL