Monday, November 15, 2010

Cough, Sneeze, Blow Nose, Repeat...

Here are my pictures from the birthday/fall party that Rebekah and Josh hosted to celebrate Judah's first birthday! Not a detail was missed...

Aren't these cupcakes ADORABLE???

Cute little pumpkins

Pumpkin/squash bowling!

Gorgeous lights on the deck

Pretty food table


Working on a cool fall craft!

Each of the kids got a hand towel to make a "hand print turkey" on!


The birthday boy!

Cake time

Keenan showing the turkey who's boss =)

Moriah (the happiest she was all night - not feeling well at all)

I am not feeling super great today. I've come down with a pretty nasty cough/cold combo that has me barking, sneezing and blowing until I'm worn out! I dropped the kids off with Devin for a good chunk of the day, knocked out most of our Christmas shopping, bought groceries, and then fell into bed. I even missed Margarita Monday tonight! =0/

Gonna hit the sack...


Mom W. said...

What a cool idea for the cupcakes!!

Sorry about your cold Joia!! Not fun...

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes are awesome!! What were the turkeys made out of?

Mom E said...

So I figured it must be the "water" up there in Northern FL that makes every one of you so doggone creative! I have never seen so many awesome parties and cool cakes and cupcakes in my life! Amazing! All of you! really.
p.s. I got the same coughing, sneezing, blowing thing down here in central FL. Still coughing up 'junk'. Hope you're feeling better by now.