Saturday, November 20, 2010

Catch up

Ya, ya, Mom, here I am!

Let's see... what's new around here....

On Thursday my MOPS group celebrated Thanksgiving together. We had an Amazing potluck together, and a wonderful time of sharing about what or who we are thankful for. Each person brought a picture, and I chose to talk about Myrtle. =)

Moriah has been rocking the potty lately! Definitely not all the time, but at least once a day now (three times today!!) Number one And two! Pretty exciting stuff! =)

Philip is making Huge progress on the play set! It's really starting to look like something out there now!

He and I got our new trampoline up on Thursday night, which is very exciting for all of us! The kids Love it and are quite hilarious on it! =)

I've been running more lately and am feeling really good about my first 5K next Saturday! I am also (along with a bunch of friends on Facebook) "Losing 10 Pounds Before Christmas", so it's handy having my race just two days after Thanksgiving, to help me focus!

I am VERY excited that in just three and a half days, my brother Rob, his sweet wife, Ada and my (recently turned one) nephew, Brayden are coming! They'll be here for four days, and we'll get to celebrate Thanksgiving with some family and Rob will be able to help Philip finish up the play set!

I have not had the camera out much the last couple days, but here's a fun picture of Keenan in the bathtub:

He loves it when I blow Big bubbles for him!


Mom E said...

waaay cool bubble photo, Joia! So glad you have family with you for the holiday.

Mom W. said...

Yay for the catch up!!! Fun picture with the bubble.