Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wheaties Wednesday

I titled this Wheaties Wednesday, because Wednesdays from here on out are going to be pretty long days with four kids in our house, and I will "need to eat my Wheaties for breakfast!" =)

Jade and Eden came over at 6:30 this morning and left around 6 pm. The day, though long, went really well and I was really impressed with all the kids.

I even managed to prep a dessert for tomorrow, shower, and get all my Sugar and Spice stuff ready for the Cash in the Nursery sale this weekend. The kids also did really well on our errands to Wal-Mart, Sweet Repeats and the bank (the drive through, I'm not Totally insane). In between all that, we went to the park to play and have snacks:

Keenan and Jade climbing
(and What is Moriah doing????)

Love when a great shot just pops out =)

Cool guys

The kids decided to scavenge for stuff to make a "fort" out of...

... even Moriah helped! =)

Jade trying to strike a mature pose while the little kids act so silly

Well, he's got the pose, and they're sort of paying attention =)

While the girls napped this afternoon, the boys and I worked on some art projects:

Keenan's pumpkin (he did All the cutting by himself!)

Jade (he ended up going home with Seven different projects!)

Painting pumpkins

The next three days are going to be a blur - so wish me luck, and I hope to update as it goes!!


Mom W. said...

I hope this means the time is going fast for you Joia... Philip's time away. We have Tim and Mika here and we are all at the library!!

Philip said...

Wow! What a day. There is no way I could get that much done and keep all four kids alive and out of the ER for that long. I miss you all so much. I'd do a post about my time here but it's not exactly the family friendly fare that people are used to on your blog. Love, Philip