Friday, October 22, 2010

What a Day...

This morning I dropped a bunch of stuff off at my display at Sweet Repeats (lots more crocheted hats in stock!) and then headed out to buy a birthday present for a new friend before meeting up with Brittny and Melissa Newell at Marler Park (where Keenan had his second of three accidents today - I don't know if he's just off because Philip is gone or what). We all still had a good time!

Sophie models again!
Check out the post about these fairy dresses

While at the park, Moriah had her first run in with fire ants!! Poor baby - we heard her crying, and at first I thought Keenan had done something, but then we realized she was standing on an ant hill! Brittny helped me tear her pants and shoes off and rinse her feet off in the water fountain, but she had already gotten about a dozen bites on her feet. =0/


Keenan, Sophie and Christopher all very interested in Landon's stickers from McDonald's =)

Update on how our yard is coming... hings are happening! Our back fence was torn out a couple days ago, and when I woke up this morning, it looked like this...

...and around 5:00, it looked like this!!

I Love it! It makes our backyard so much more private!

Poor Moriah has still been spiking fevers most days, and this afternoon was back up to 102 and threw up again. =0/ Melissa and Devin checked her out this evening, at least she has no ear infection... sure hope whatever she's fighting lets up soon! (They also sent us home with Klondike Reeses ice cream sandwiches!!)

Philip will be home in... 16.5 hours!! Woohoo!!!

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