Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday Pics and a Thursday Surprise!

Yesterday (after our four kid trip to the Commissary), we went to the Niceville Children's Park, since Jade and Eden had never been. Aside from being Incredibly humid (hello?? October!), it was really fun!

Jade bouncing Moriah

I love how Moriah is smiling, but trying to keep Eden's hair from blowing in her face!

LOVE this picture!

Happy girls =)

On the move!

The boys bouncing

Eden drives the ambulance!

Cool dude on top of the rock climbing wall

Keenan crying because Jade didn't want to do the same thing he did

Giggly girl in the tunnel

Little Picassos at work

My favorite quote of the day: (from Jade, standing up for me) "Adults know a Lot more than kids, because they've been through high school, preschool and everything. Even kindergarten."

Not a great picture of any of us... but, Yay! Our double jogger came today!
We went for a family walk last night to try it out and we love it!

What I found after asking Keenan what happened with the paint and following little clues all over the house this morning. WHY???? Yay for washable paint!

Me at MOPS, holding three week old, Xavier

Our amazing MOPS group!


Mom E said...

Gr'ma, A. Mary, U. Dennis and I are all on our computers and we're checking out your blog. Wish you and Philip and kids were here too. Memorial tomorrow. Love, Mom

Devin said...

so Im all caught up after an hour + blog-binge... but where is the rest of the week?... "daily postet" my iquw4oj ml+++++++==---------------

Mom W. said...

Love Jade's quote... too funny!!

The cushions... yikes!!! hope it all came out!