Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two more sleeps

Two more sleeps until Philip is home! Man, if I'm this excited to see him after two WEEKS, I can't even imagine how totally insane with excitement I'll be after six MONTHS!!

Yesterday went well with the four kids. This time we stayed home and didn't venture out to do as much, but still had a really fun day!

This morning I had Bible study with some of my friends from MOPS. We're reading this book:

Although I don't agree with Everything in it, I have found it to be an excellent, helpful and convicting book. It stresses the importance of training our children's Hearts to know and obey the ways of God, not just have them "obey on the outside to look good".

I've got a ton of Sugar and Spice stuff in the mail in the last couple of days, including these new fairy dresses... (more pictures and a new post to come about these):

How sweet is that??

This evening, I got to pick Rebekah and her boys up from the airport! It's been a long week and a half without them around and I'm so glad they're home!

We also met with our "small group" at Devin and Melissa's and had a good time of fellowship, eating, and sharing together. Good times. (After we left there at 9:15, we headed to Winn Dixie to pick up Moriah's bunny that we had forgotten in a grocery cart earlier today!)

Philip (while away) did some research on double joggers and let me choose between two deals on ebay... and I bought this one tonight! I'm sooo excited!!

Good night... I'm off to dream about running again.... =)


Rachel and Hans said...

Good book! :) I am slowly going through it...not one you can read in a couple of nights!

Mom W. said...

Yes, a very good book, someone borrowed mine and ended up keeping it I think!!

Tried to call you last night... you must have been out. Haven't been home today much.

Love you, so glad Philip is soon back!!

Cool stroller, is it a jogging stroller???

The twins Birthday party tomorrow...

Aunt Heather said...

I'll third that it's a good book! They have another one out which is the basis for this one entitled Instructing a Child's Heart.