Tuesday, October 12, 2010

They're back in town!

Keenan's friends, Jade and Eden were away for the weekend with their parents and he must have asked me ten times a day when we could go play with them... needless to say, I was Very happy when they got back in town! =) We met up with them at the library this morning...

Moriah sitting with Miss Rachel

Keenan and Jade listening intently to the story (Eden doesn't look so interested)
Jade got to wear a birthday crown since his birthday is this weekend

A couple Paramedics brought an ambulance by for the kids to see - which they were really excited about!

All the kids inside

Good buddies

Eden at the other end

This is serious stuff

Sitting on the bed

We also got to ride with them and hang out at the mall tonight! Fun stuff!

The kids got their own table =)

Good friends sure help the time without Philip to go a lot better!

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Mom W. said...

Good fun with other kids... Keenan looks like he is taking this friendship pretty seriously!!