Monday, October 11, 2010


We had a lot going on today!

This morning I took Rebekah and her boys to the airport (they're flying home to Colorado for a week and a half). Myrtle was sweet and came over and watched Keenan and Moriah while I did that - and apparently had a blast!

After that, we buzzed over to Fort Walton Beach to drop off a meal for a friend who just had a new baby, then to the post office (but, duh, it's a holiday, so they were closed), and then back home to meet up with my friend Becky for lunch. You may remember Becky (of John and Becky) - they used to live here at Eglin and about a year ago moved to the DC area. John is rotating at the hospital for a couple months so Becky came down to spend some time with him. It was Great to see her, and we had lunch at Cracker Barrel, where I was able to get something that sort of resembled a Thanksgiving dinner - yay!! =0) It was also super exciting to get to talk about their adoption news, and their son, Joshua, who is waiting for them in Korea right now!

On a random note - Cracker Barrel had all their Christmas stuff out, and while I was waiting in line to pay, I ended up buying two Christmas ornaments! (Philip, if you're reading this - they were only $2.99 each!)

After lunch, we came home, Moriah napped, and then we headed out, on my "quest for pumpkin pie". This has always been a part of Thanksgiving, and I was suddenly craving it! After several calls to bakeries, checking several restaurant dessert menus online, and a visit to Publix... No pumpkin pie!! Oh well, we settle for huge M&M cookies for the kids and a fresh apple fritter for me. We hung out at Uptown Station and played at the park, and then walked all around (which was perfect for tiring the kids out), and then came home, and the kids are off to bed.

Just talked to my man in St. Louis - and I will be hitting the hay soon... Happy Thanksgiving....zzzzz

I posted a couple of these because, while the flash actually worked properly in this first one, I was talking, Keenan was frowning, Moriah was missing... and my favorite part - the lady in the background totally looks like she's posing! =)

Okay, here we all are - now at the end of our meal (since the waitress wanted to try again after cutting Moriah out of the first one) =)

Keenan loved the big chess board outside of Cracker Barrel and I love this expression!!!

So stealthy...

Love these little rockers!

Aren't the rocking chairs one of the Best things about Cracker Barrel?

Love this one of the kids and Becky walking back to the van


Brittny said...

if we have time this week, let's make a pumpkin pie and split it. my cousins laugh at me b/c i love it so much i always eat it for breakfast the day after thanksgiving.... and every day after that until it's gone! also, brandon is on call sunday so do you and the kids want to hang out after naps? it always helps to pass the time when you share it with others. just a thought. oh, and i'm thinking of missing christopher's game so i can watch the kids in the morning for you. if you think that would help you out. i have no idea what time that thing runs on saturday. off to mops, didn't mean to turn this into an email! : )

Mom W. said...

Just got caught up on the last 3 posts Joia, great pictures with the pumpkins... We REALLY missed you at our turkey dinner!!! Praying for you while Philip is gone!!!

Rachel and Hans said...

That first picture at the restaurant is hilarious!! Especially the lady "posing"! :)

Philip said...

Love the picture of Keenan perplexed by the checker board, literally laughed out loud when I zoomed in on the picture. Also very glad that you bought 2 ornaments rather than two of those rocking chairs :-)