Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slowing down...

It totally seems like Philip should be getting back home, but there's still another week... =0/

I was at the sale again for half the day today and did pretty well with sales again. I also got some great deals, since a ton of the stuff was 50% off today! I got a pack'n'play for $6 (it seems like a good idea to have an extra one on hand), a pair of cute hiking style, waterproof boots for Keenan for $4, Cars valences for his room for $2.50, a sweater for me for $1, and some really cute stuff for Moriah... good times!

Devin and Melissa took Keenan and Moriah with their kids to the beach and then I met up with them at Seaside for lunch. The kids were pretty tired and each melted down - Moriah's being the worst she's ever had! They both slept on the way home though, and have been much more pleasant this afternoon.

I did some much needed housecleaning, as it's been pretty neglected all week. There may have been dishes from... (cough), Wednesday still sitting around... =0/

The kids will be off to bed soon, and I'm going to relax, put my feet up (in the newly arranged and tidied living room) and watch a movie..

'Night all!

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Brittny said...

i'm so glad you had a great weekend!!!! sales and fun times with the kids!