Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Carving, etc

I'm tired and tomorrow is "Four Kid Wednesday" again, so I'm going to make this short.. =)

Today we decided to carve the pumpkin we got on the weekend...

Keenan pulls the top off

Neither kid wanted Anything to do with the "yucky stuff" inside, so I did all the cleaning and carving. Moriah accidentally got some on her hand, and burst into tears! =)

The lighting is terrible here, but I kind of like it

This is the first "traditional pumpkin" I've carved since we got married!

This is as close as Moriah would get

We decided to spiff him up a bit before putting him outside =)

Moriah recently discovered that she can put this beach cover up (from Tim and Steph in Mexico) on all by herself, so she has been wearing it over her clothes, on and off and on and off for the past couple of days! =)

I made these today, to curb my "Pumpkin Pie-less Canadian Thanksgiving" cravings... No, the crusts are not homemade and the filling came from a can, but they made the house smell delightful and they taste good too!

Don't worry, they're not both for me!

Moriah, all ready to head to the mall, watching Keenan dance

Proving that you can do Anything in a skirt!

Keenan on the carousel

We had a great evening at the mall with Devin and Melissa and their kids (aside from Eden falling and dislocating one of her front teeth!) =0/ We'll see them in the morning for a fun day of play!

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Mom W. said...

The pumpkin pie looks delicious!!