Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ponies, Pumpkins and Peanuts

Today was a very "un-Sunday" Sunday around here. Moriah woke up in the night last night with a 102 fever and threw up all over her bed. =0/ Poor baby. She hasn't thrown up anymore, but still had a fever this morning, so we opted out of church. The day was a long one stretching out in front of us, so I decided we should do something fun and out of the ordinary.

We decided to head to Milton, FL (close to the Alabama border) to Sweet Seasons Farm to check out their corn maze and other fun activities. We grabbed lunch at McDonald's on our way... and I may have eaten most of a 20 pack of nuggets by myself (Keenan thinks their "too crunchy" and Moriah wasn't very hungry). It was quite a drive, but a really pretty one! Beautiful country roads, cotton fields, cute farms, trucks full of peanuts, and good old fashioned north Florida countryside.

I couldn't believe how many people were there when we arrived! This place is out in the middle of Nowhere, but apparently a Lot of people heard about it! There were probably 500 or more people there, and we had to wait in line for about ten minutes just to pay to get in!

Since Keenan was complaining that "he was tired of walking" while we were still waiting in line, I decided we'd forgo the actual corn maze (which is 5 acres and takes about an hour to get through) in favor of keeping my sanity, and just do the other fun stuff instead. This was also a good idea, since Moriah (who still isn't feeling great) never left my hip, and my bad foot probably would have complained.

Here's a picture of the maze from above (stolen from their website)

Isn't that amazing??

We had to at least have our picture taken with the corn!!

Pretty, but it's got nothin' on Northern corn

Our first stop (well, after the Port a Potty, which was a first for both kids and quite fascinating they thought), we headed to the "Cow Train!" Keenan could barely contain his excitement as we waited in line...

All buckled in and ready to go

LOL... so funny!

"Is this thing sturdy??"

He waved every time they went by

Not sure what this look is

Next, Keenan went for his first pony ride!

Thunder, the pretty pony Keenan rode

As soon as they put him on, Keenan looked at me with the hugest smile and a gleam in his eye and said, "I'm a cowboy!" So cute...

He wasn't nervous at all!

Cool and calm

Petting Thunder after his ride

Petting the other pony

The only horse Moriah would get on

Keenan riding the "tired" horse

An instant friendship was formed over trucks at the sand pile =)

Moriah Did leave my hip to go down the slide... and Flew right out the end! (and kept wanting to do it again!)

Keenan in the corn pit

Trying to bury himself

... it got pretty crowded!

Keenan tries out the slide

Relaxing in the shade with some drinks and snacks before heading out
(Love the flag coming out of my head)

Moriah was NOT about to be part of our strange "human head - floral, insect, animal bodied family!"

Grumpy butterfly

I had seen signs for a Pumpkin Patch on the way, so we decided to go check it out when we left the maze. Yes, we've been to "pumpkin patches" at several churches in the area, but I had hoped for, and never found an actual real "where the pumpkins grow" patch anywhere in our area, so I was stoked!!

I know this looks freakishly like the combine is about to run Keenan over, but I assure you, it was parked, shut off and empty!!


The farm had a gorgeous field of sunflowers too!

So pretty!

The centers completely amaze me..

... and apparently Moriah, too!

My "son-flower"

Moriah's happiest picture of the day =)

Checking out the goats

Real live pumpkins... in a patch!!

After we chose the perfect pumpkin (which, surprisingly I don't have a picture of), we went on a hay ride around the farm...

Funny picture up at Moriah

The three of us on the ride

It was educational, too!

The Freshest peanuts you'll ever see! (Picked before our eyes!)

I had never seen a field of peanuts before, or knew what they looked like on the plant, so this part was really cool! Keenan spent the entire ride, picking sundried peanuts off the vine and eating them... I hope we don't regret that later...

Sleepy girl

On the way home I had to stop and take some pictures of the cotton, because it was so pretty!

It's totally amazing!

Sooo unbelievably soft!

Beauty/first aid/art supplies... just growing on plants... weird.

On the way home, the sun was setting and I took a detour to "chase the sunset" in hopes of getting some cool pictures. I didn't get what I had planned, but I did stop and take a couple pictures of a train that was sitting out in the middle of nowhere...

Love this

And, yay! What a surprise!

It was rather exhilarating being this close to a speeding train!

I'm not zoomed, I really was this close!

See? My hair was blowing all over!

I Really wanted to get a picture of myself sitting in this open box car (as illegal as I'm sure that is), but I couldn't figure out a good place to set the camera that was close enough for me to be able to make it up there in ten seconds!)

After I finally decided we should head for home, we stopped at Sonic in Crestview for ice cream cones...

This girl knows how to take down an ice cream cone! She ate hers faster than Keenan did!

It was a little cool out, so both kids were shivering part way through, but would Not give up their ice cream!

A good day was had by all... poor Moriah still has a 102.4 fever though. Prayers are much appreciated!


Philip said...

WOW! And I thought your other day was super busy. I'm totally not mad that you went to the corn maze without me, but after seeing the pictures I'm a little sad I missed out on Keenan's first pony ride. He looked soooo excited. He sure must have been playing hard with how rosy his cheeks were getting in the corn pit. Thank you also for the goodnight message on my phone. Love you and miss you all so much!

Mark said...

Cool pics, it sounds like you had a fun day. Unfortunately I must say I am disappointed that you are displaying pictures of GE locomotives on your blog, I'm sorry they are just ugly;). I'll have to send you some pictures of one of our beautiful EMD locomotives.

Jessica said...

definitely praying for you and Moriah! Hoping the last few days without Phil will fly by. That place looked like SO much fun-how far from your house is it? If it's not too far, we should all do that next time we make it up there!

Aunt Heather said...

That cotton looks like snow!

Joia said...

Mark, I had a feeling that the mention of trains might solicit a comment from you! LOL!

Mom W. said...

Haha, comments from Philip AND Mark, what a treat for us all!! Nice to hear from you guys... I am sure you are ready to come home Philip and Joia is ready for you to.

Moriah did well for not feeling well. Love you all, can't wait until Christmas!!!