Saturday, October 30, 2010

Party, Party!!

Wow, these days it seems like every time we turn around, there's another party to go to! =)

This morning we went to Macie's My Little Pony themed fourth birthday party! If the background seems familiar, it's because we were just at her sister, Emerson's party last week!

Moriah got a little jealous of baby Campbell, but once she was up on my lap, she was happy to sit and just watch the baby and pat her and point out her nose, etc

Happy little situation for me =)

Super cute cupcake rainbow!

Birthday Girl!

Present time

Bouncy house all to herself!

Too much fun =)

Yes, Keenan was at the party too, even though there's no pictures of him. He rarely left the driver's seat of the Barbie car! =)

This afternoon/evening, we went to Orange Fest in Niceville. It's an event put on by several churches in town and was sooo much more crowded than we had anticipated!

The lines at the bouncy castles (Keenan did this for about an hour!!)

Daddy and his girl

I have no idea...

Philip sword fighting Moriah and Buzz Lightyear (Elijah)

Keenan, Elijah and Moriah digging for treasure

I wasn't feeling real great, so after chatting with a bunch of friends that we saw there (and prying Keenan away from the bouncy castles), we let the kids play a few games and then headed home.

End of the evening, happily chowing down some Amazing kettle corn!

Super tired after a busy, fun day!

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